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Develop a Positive Inner Relationship to Have Healthy Relationships

About Ann

Can you find Healthy Relationships?

Yes!  A resounding YES!


Let us meet and here are the ways

I have been in practice for 10 years and ready to focus my practice on helping others to develop better and healthier relationships by teaching and creating a healthy and positive relationship within yourself. I have found that a better relationship with your own inner world allows for better relationships. A positive inner relationship makes it easier to set boundaries , achieve goals, and increase a positive outlook.

Inner Relationship Improve Relationships With Others

What is an inner relationship?

A relationship with yourself. We work together to develop a compassionate and trusting relationship with yourself.

How does developing a positive inner relationship help with healthy relationships?

A trusting positive relationship with yourself allows for aware to your body and emotions and this often reflects in your relationships your partner, friends, coworkers, supervisors, and etc.

What is a healthy relationship?

A relationship in which there is mutual admiration, respect, trust, empathy, room for growth, good communication and interest. There are so many more attributes to a healthy relationship. By developing these traits within yourself, healthy relationships will follow.

What are some signs of unhealthy relationships?

Some signals that your relationship is not healthy include: lack of trust, name-calling, lack of support and interest, little to no respect, and difficult communication styles. Just to name a few. There is hope to change these relationships.

Quick Answers to Quick Questions

What health insurance do you bill?
I can bill most health insurances from Washington State. Unfortunately, I cannot bill Medicare or supplemental medicare insurances. Only LICSW, Ph.D., or Psy.D. can bill Medicare.
I am happy take cash or fee-for service.
For right now, I am placing those with State Health insurance, such as Apple Health and Medicaid on a waitlist.
Do you provide couples therapy?
There are many other therapists in the local area that do this so much better. I work best with individuals. At times it is appropriate for me to meet with your spouse or partner and I am open in talking about this option.
Will you meet with my family or child? What ages do you see?
I work best with those that are over the age of 16. I am happy to casually meet your family, however I am not a family therapists.
What are your office hours?
I meet with people by appointment only. My office hours tend to be Monday to Thursday between 9am to 6pm.

My Approach

Therapy works best as a team approach.  I bring knowledge, experience, and research to help you achieve your goals of having healthy relationships.  You bring your goals, ideas, thoughts, emotions, and willingness to change. 

I have a variety of tools and techniques to help you achieve your goals . . . including EMDR, Interrelational Focusing, Dialectical Behavioral therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  

Still Have Questions?