What am I up to?

Let me share some of what either I am currently studying or interested in. I may even share what I do outside of work with you. Please give me your thoughts and share your ideas with me.

  1. In 2019, I found a new way of doing therapy that I have started to study both for my personal growth with the hopes of sharing with my clients. Focusing is a different way of being with your own feelings, emotions, thoughts, memories. Through learning focusing, I have learned to be with difficulty feelings and found great relief. Ask me about it at your next session. Here is a link with the people that I’m studying with: https://focusingresources.com/

Update on Focusing:

I have been studying this technique for over a year and plan on a week long get away in August to really dive deep. It if really an amazing way of being with feelings and knowing that just listening and being releases these feelings. I am also gaining understanding on the kind of person this would be more effective. The ones that aren’t quite ready for this can get there.

2.  It is wearable art season.  I am working on a new design for the Port Townsend Wearable Art Show.  I will also have last year’s piece in the show. Two materials that I will be using will be old T-shirts and a recycled parachute.  I’m hoping to have an amazing head piece this year.  You are invited to attend the show. 


3. I run. I am training for a half marathon. I am not fast as I would like, but I run. I found Jeff Galloway’s method of walk/run/walk to be effective and I am surprisingly getting fast.

Update: I’m still running. I have yet to set a distance and time goal for this year. I mostly likely will be more focused after the art show.