Have you experienced a trauma?

Sometimes a person experiences a life challenging event that “stays” with them.  This could also be called a traumatic event.  Sometimes this event is replayed in images in their mind or sometimes through emotions or body sensations.  This can be quite disturbing and feel like nothing could ever help this change.

As your therapist, we learn together how best to recognize the event and then work at decreasing the body, thought, and physical sensation reactions.   How can this be done?  There are several ways of reprocessing in your mind in order to start living a fuller life.  Some people do well by talking about the event with someone that will not judge but will offer compassion.  There are several options from there in completing treatment, which can include retelling the story and gain a new perspective to EMDR.

Sometimes there is a fear that your therapist will “make” you talk about the event and that is enough to never enter therapy!  As a therapist, I understand the fear or hesitation.  The first session (and perhaps the first 5 sessions) is about building trust and getting to know each other.  When you feel comfortable and safe, then you could share these kinds of events.  My policy is to go at your pace, not mine.  If I go too fast, I don’t mind being told to slow down.  I’m here for you.  I work for you.

We can get started as soon as you are ready and here are some ways to contact me.

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