Do you feel like you are living in a deep dark cave?

Are you wondering how come you don't have any energy?

 Do you have trouble finding enjoyment in activities that once brought you happiness?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you may be suffering from depression.  Several people suffer from depression each year and there is a solution to this problem.  Talking with a therapist is one way in helping navigate a way out of depression.  Yes, sometimes simply talking about depression will help bring someone out of the dark cave.  However, developing tools and skills will help provide a long term solution if depression was to ever return.  By allowing me into you life, I will sit with you in the uncomfortable dark places all the while teaching tools and skills on how to find a way out of the cave, so you can return to a happy life.

This first step in seeking help and calling is the most difficult.  Mostly this is because you are admitting that life is difficult to do by yourself.  I will encourage you to take a deep breath and call or email me, so you can get started on your journey to feeling better.   Let's get to know each other, by the first session (for new clients) be free. 

Take your deep breath now and call:  360-301-6318 or email: [email protected] now.