Have feelings of anxiety? 

  Is your heart beating fast for no reason? 

  Can't fall asleep because your thinking keeps you awake?

  Do you have episodes of panic?

  Do you second guess yourself with every decision?

  Do you worry about what people are thinking about you?



If you answered YES to at least one question, then perhaps you have anxiety issues.


  Anxiety can keep you from getting tasks done, impact your relationships with friends and family, and sometimes keep you from leaving the house. 


There is a way out of this of the head spinning and out of control feeling.   As your therapist, I can help you find a way to peace and to stop the negative self talking that is in your mind.  By teaching you to observe your own behaviors and thoughts is the first step in finding a way for the anxiety to significantly decrease. After completing a session with me, you may come away feeling scattered, but you will leave with more insight into how your thoughts and behaviors can be changed. 

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